About the Fabric

What is HCW (HotCool Wear ™)?

HCW is a high performance fabric that has passed our stringent wicking and drying tests. HCW fabrics have the unique ability to move sweat away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric where it dries faster than cotton, nylon, silk, polypropylene. Only fabrics that meet the HotCool Wear™ standards are used in our products.

What makes HCW ideal for sleepwear?

HCW performance fabrics helps regulate the body's temperature by cooling the body core temperature and drawing heat generating moisture away from the skin. The special breathability of the fabric means that women who wear HotMama® sleepwear will not be bothered by the energy sapping hot flashes and night sweats.

Is it just for menopausal women?

No, although that's who we had in mind when we invented it. Many other people who suffer from body temperature fluctuations or those who are "hormonally challenged" as we like to say, wear our product and have found great relief and comfort from their symptoms. Some of our customers include insulin dependent diabetics, people taking medication that causes excessive sweating, chemo patients, MS sufferers and pregnant women.

How do I care for my HotCool Wear™ garments?

Garments are washable, dryable and stay soft and non chafing; they are also colourfast and resistant to shrinking, odor and mildew.

HotCool Wear ™ Fact Sheet

Why are hot flashes so exhausting?

  • When a woman's body produces excessive amounts of sweat, the body uses its energy to try to keep cool.
  • If the sweat does not evaporate quickly, the body core temperature heats up, producing more sweat.