About Us

Developed by fashion designer Jutta Smardenka and business woman and recreational runner Wendy McClung, HotCool Wear™ grew out of their own personal needs and discoveries.

Smardenka has worked with Cool Max® and other moisture-management fabrics in thesportswear trade to great satisfaction and McClung relied on its performance while running.

"If this miracle fabric works for athletes, it will definitely bring relief and comfort to menopausal women," states Smardenka and McClung.

HotCool Wear has developed its own moisture-management and heat control testing standards for its fabric. Fabrics used are proven to have the fastest drying rate, the most efficient movement of moisture away from the skin and the best breathability. Health experts estimate that three quarters of North American women experience hot flashes and night sweats during menopause, when the hypothalamus (the body's temperature regulator) goes awry, particularly at night. With many other changes at this time of life, menopausal women require a good night's sleep to deal with family, professional and personal issues.

In the words of one physician, "Without a good night's sleep, the feelings of fatigue, depression and insomnia can become acute - sleep, coupled with healthy eating and regular exercise are very important during this critical stage of a woman's life."

Look for the HotCool Wear, HotMama ®, Cool Papa, WikidWear or to the Maxlabel to ensure you're getting the best product on the market.


Established in 2000, Toronto, Canada